Simpleplanning Budget Planner Review

Are you having trouble accounting for your home expenditure? Well, what you need is a Home Budget Spreadsheet to help you track of every cent you spend.

Why You Need a Simpleplanning Budget Planner

Most important you get a free trial for a full month. That’s enough to learn experience its full features and get a refund if you feel it isn’t helpful.

It secures your data

The software is not networked with any other machine, meaning that you data is protected. If there is any sensitive information on your spreadsheets, you can be sure no one will know about unless they hack your offline files.

Based on MS Excel Software

The software is based on MS excel, and you don’t need to set up extra software to get started. Simply download the home budget spreadsheet a

nd start planning. Furthermore, it works with all version s of excel, in both Windows and Mac. You can use it with Excel 97- 2013. It’s therefore clearly a onetime investment.

Free Support and Built for Homes

You are free to ask any questions about this software by contacting the support team at [email protected] Furthermore, the software includes a predefined budget spending categories tailored for home expenditures. You may use those or create new ones.

Top Simpleplanning Budget Planner Features

Budget Tracking

You are free to track your budget on each day or do it monthly. Most people choose to track it daily to save time. That means doing it when you have a short break or a few minutes before you go to bed.

Controlled Spending

The Simpleplanning Budget Planner will alert you when you spend more than what you had budgeted for and will show you where you overspent. Furthermore, it shows you a line of your actual spending for each item, and what you budgeted for each item.

Dynamic Charts

We understand visual representation much faster than plain text. It’s with that in mind that this software includes dynamic charts to visually represent your budget and expenditure patterns.

One Time Payment

The Simpleplanning Budget Planner will only cost you a onetime payment and you can use it for the rest of your life. Since it’s easy to use, that means you don’t have to pay anyone to help you plan for your home expenditure.

Online Storage

If you travel a lot and want to access your version online, you should choose the Premium Package. Using the Premium Access service, you will then be able to access it from anywhere. You can also use it on your iPhone and iPad, making it one of the most convenient home accounting apps.

Functionality and Flexibility

You get free access to pre-customized versions that include additional rows when you download the standard version. Moreover, you will are free to download pre-customized versions that use alternate currencies such as US Dollars, Sterling pound, Euros, and Rand.

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